We don’t intentionally want someone to die : Dr Nabin Neupane

प्रकाशित मिति: ४ आश्विन २०७४, बुधबार १६:३४

People claim doctors as a money oriented , selfish, egoistic, moody and so on. Despite these all they have amazing quality, to save someone’s life.Life of our precious family member,  life of our own .  Being a doctor, I I know we doctors have  sacrificed many nights , we missed many parties, get together , we stay alone at hostel room when all our friends , family members are celebrating , there are many such nights . Many days.many moments, we just missed just for your health.
Don’t ask how much you spent during your medical life? It underestimates those hard work and all those sleepless 6 yrs life. Don’t ask how much money you  earn monthly!!  My single answer will be I have only one quality, it’s to save your life.
The way public , social media and news agencies are making one sided claim that it’s all our  fault, it’s fault of hospital , mistake of doctor saying “Doctor killed my son,daughter,mother and father”. And later bargaining for large amount of money , and making it a political issue just for money , playing with the name and fame of hospital, demoralizing really good doctors is the matter of my concern .
As a doctor, I would like to inform you all that:
1. Intentionally no any doctor want someone to suffer or die.
2. There are many medical condition in which complication is anticipated  and cant be fully treated.
3. There are many procedures where complication is more likely to be seen.
4. Those late stage disease can’t be cured fully within a few days and some may lead to mortality despite of  best medical treatment and treatment modalities.
5. Idiosyncrasy , is the condition where person is allergic to any types of drug, causing hypersensitivity and even death .
6. Most of the time , before surgery and during fatal condition the complication , mortality and prognosis are well explained to patient and patient party.
7. There are many fatal disease , which is more likely to take life despite every effort.
8. There are many ways to deal with the condition legally , ( consulting with expertise, lawyer, post mortem reports )
Under the law of Nepal Medical Council and law of Nepal ,medical negligence should be punishable . If found guilt, Doctor and medical person should be punished under law. Without proper investigation and knowledge, blaming any institution or person is really shameful act.
Yes, we promise we will give our fullest for our patient , we spent hundreds night awake , we stayed many family program unattended , we stayed in empty stomach for many days, we spent our total youth, just for you, please  think twice before blaming us .

४ आश्विन २०७४, बुधबार १६:३४ मा प्रकाशित

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