Friday 24th November 2017

Left alliance for prosperous Nepal-Chairperson Oli

Chitwan, Nov 22 (RSS): CPN-UML Chairperson KP Sharma Oli has said the left alliance was forged for prosperous Nepal and happy Nepalis. Addressing the condolence meet and public gathering organized here today by the Joint Left Alliance, he underscored that the left alliance should win a two thirds majority for bringing prosperity to the country. "It is sure that the left government will be formed. None can prevent us from making the next government", he added. Leader Oli urged the voters to ensure victory of left alliance candidate and CPN (Maoist Centre) Chairperson Prachanda from Chitwan constituency-3. On the occasion, UML leader Madhav Kumar Nepal asked the voters to give two thirds majority to the left alliance to steer the country to stability. Also speaking at the programme, Maoist Centre leader Ram Bahadur Thapa said Nepal would enter to the era of socialism under the left..

Make NC strong for strengthened democracy: Leader Khand

Butwal, Rupandehi, Nov 22 (RSS): The Nepali Congress central member Bal Krishna Khand has stressed the need for the NC to become strong to make democracy, nationality and peace process get strengthened. The recently forged left alliance resulted from the public support being thrown for the NC in the elections, he said while speaking at a training session for voter education trainers held on Tuesday in Butwal by the central election coordination subcommittee of the NC's election mobilisation committee. Khand is also coordinator of the election mobilisation committee. Claiming that the NC could secure 38 percent win in the upcoming the House of Representatives and State Assemblies elections under the first-past-the-post system, he said the number of winning seats could go up once the amounts of invalid votes are reduced. At the training, NC General Convention representative Anita..

Left alliance for development and prosperity: Chair Oli

Biratnagar, Nov 20 (RSS): CPN (UML) chair and former Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has committed to sorting out the legal complexity regarding to provide citizenship certificates to the eligible persons in Terai. Speaking in an election programme organized at Biratnagar Metropolitan City-10 Monday, chair Oli shared it. Chair Oli ruled out the rumour that the UML was anti Madhesi party. He further shared the developmental projects forwarded for Terai during his party-led government. Former PM Oli claimed that the infrastructural development was pushed back in Tarai region due to some Madhes centric party's activities. He further committed to launching various developmental projects for the holistic development of Terai after the formation of new government under left parties. UML chair Oli added that the left alliance was forged to lead the nation on the way to prosperity,..

One Heart World-Wide starts mother and child protection project in Ilam

Ilam, Nov 20 (RSS): A five-year new project has been started in Ilam from this year aimed at saving the lives of mother and their new-born. One Heart World-Wide, an America-based organization is running the project. In the first year, the project will promote awareness and run behaviour change activities, improve the quality of health service, enhance the capacity of the service providers and improve the quality of service centres to increase the demand for health services. Similarly, the project will train the health workers and the local community on protection of mothers and infants. It will also carry out activities to activate the social auditing and the health management committee for creating health awareness, said Dinesh Rijal, the Project's district coordinator. According to Rijal, the organization will carry out repair and maintenance of the birthing centres, provide..

Election in peaceful atmosphere: Finance Minister Karki

Inaruwa, Nov 13 (RSS): Nepali Congress leader and Finance Minister Gyanendra Karki has said the elections to the House of Representatives and Provincial parliament would be held in a free, fair and peaceful manner. Inaugurating the Ramdhuni Gold Cup Knockout Football Competition begun at Ramdhuni municipality of Sunsari district on Sunday, Minister Karki said once the country holds elections peacefully, it paves way for development and political stability. Also the member of the House of Representatives from constituency no 4 of Sunsari district, leader Karki expressed commitment that he would construct a national level stadium in the district once he got..

Party unity only after election: Chairman Dahal

Ratnanagar, Nov 13 (RSS) Chairman of the CPN (Maoist Centre), Pushpa Kamal Dahal, has said it was baseless rumour that the party would be unified with other left ones before election. Talking briefly to media persons in course of election campaigning at Chintwan Constituency No- 3 today, Chairman Dahal said only after election, the Maoist Centre and the UML would be unified. Time has come to be unified with the parties that have similar thoughts, he said, suggesting Nepali Congress that it too got unified with the likeminded parties. Also the election candidate for the member of the House of Representatives from Chitwan Constituency No 3, Chairman Dahal claimed that there was no rival challenging him in the election. "Chitwan people have wanted me for the development here," he underscored. He further shared that he would make public a plan for development of Chitwan in near..

Lhabab Duchen – the Day Buddha Descended from Tushita Heavens

Lha-Bab Duchen is celebrated on the 22nd day in the ninth lunar month of the Bhutanese calendar (which coincided with 29 October in 2010), and marks the anniversary of the Buddha’s descent from the heavenly realm to the earth. It is on this day that Buddha Shakyamuni descended to The Heaven of Thirty-Three Trayastrimsa in order to give teachings to benefit the gods in the desire realms, and to repay the kindness of his mother by liberating her from Samsara. This is considered to be one of the great deeds of the Buddha among eight great deeds. It is part of the Buddhist tradition to engage in virtuous activities and prayer on this day. When Shakyamuni’s mother dies, she is reborn as a deva in the Trayastrimsha heaven which is presided over by the Brahmanical god, Indra. After the Buddha attains enlightenment, he goes to Trayastrimsha to teach the Abhidharma to his mother and other..

We don’t intentionally want someone to die : Dr Nabin Neupane

People claim doctors as a money oriented , selfish, egoistic, moody and so on. Despite these all they have amazing quality, to save someone's life.Life of our precious family member,  life of our own .  Being a doctor, I I know we doctors have  sacrificed many nights , we missed many parties, get together , we stay alone at hostel room when all our friends , family members are celebrating , there are many such nights . Many days.many moments, we just missed just for your health. Don't ask how much you spent during your medical life? It underestimates those hard work and all those sleepless 6 yrs life. Don't ask how much money you  earn monthly!!  My single answer will be I have only one quality, it's to save your life. The way public , social media and news agencies are making one sided claim that it's all our  fault,..

Nepal-India border sealed for 72 hours

Rajbiraj, Sept 16: Nepal-India border points in Saptari district have been sealed for the next 72 hours from today in view of third phase of local polls in Province No-2 in Nepal. The elections have been scheduled for September 18 in the province. According to Saptari CDO Bhagirath Pandey, the decision to seal the border points was taken with a view to averting any untoward incident during the election period. He added that the police have tightened security in the Nepal-Indiaborder areas and intensified security checks there...

Video x-ray service introduced in Jajarkot’s ultra remote villages

Jajarkot, Sept 11: A health post located at an ultra remote village in Jajarkot is now equipped with the facility of video x-ray service. The Dilli Health Post located at Triveni Nalgadh municipality ward no 7 has launched the video x-ray service. The locals of eight villages including the Triveni Nalgadh municipality, Barkot rural municipality's Tallo Dolpa and the western rim of Rukum can now use the service. The video x-ray service was introduced with the economic support from the Health Ministry and Jajarko constituency – 1 lawmaker, Shakti Bahadur Basnet. In the past, thousands of villagers here were compelled to head to Chaujahari in Rukum, Nepalgunj and Surkhet to seek the service. Thousands now have been spared extra expenses and unnecessary trouble with the introduction of the new service. The health post is also preparing for a standard method of postmortem..

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